Business professionals looking to develop themselves or their team should click on business. Everything golf will be found in sports, and individuals and entrepreneurs looking to unlock potential and create solutions for improved performance, click on life.

My Business

Do you or your team have personality or  productivity issues?  This course was designed to teach you and/or your team how to function at optimum levels. You will learn how to detect, discern, and discover the characteristics of your team and / or customers. We will expose where issues might arise, learn how to create solutions for improved performance and learn to communicate more effectively. 

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My Sport

Sports are used as a way to develop character. Focus, integrity and problem solving are just a few of the attributes needed to win. Unlike other sports, the game of golf has long been used as a business tool. Knowing how to act is more important than how you hit it.  This course will teach you how to act on the course, close that next business deal, and even how to hit it straight!

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My Life

Have you ever thought you were meant for more?  Felt like you had more potential, but don't know how to unlock it?  This course is for those who are frustrated , confused, and want to achieve more out of life.  You will learn what makes you tick, what motivates you to action,  and how to create a success plan for your future. You will gain clarity, confidence, and conviction to be the best you can be.

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Have you ever wished you knew exactly what you were doing, had a plan, and could execute the plan the way you envisioned?  
Maybe it's time to Own "IT".
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The Program

Whether you would like to learn to use the game of golf as a business tool, or would like to just get better at business or life, Cindy Miller can get you there.

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